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Bathroom Design

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Design advice

List your priorities to separate those features that are a must from features that are of less importance to you. For example, a big bath may be a priority to be designed in at the start of the project, while a luxurious rain shower may be added in if the budget allows.

Raindance 68010 sq
Less is more! A pristine, uncluttered layout utilising clever storage will make your bathroom appear spacious and inviting.  Make use of mirrored wall cabinets for storage to free up floor space occupied by bulky cabinets

Keep it simple. A white, off-white or neutral colour scheme gives the illusion of more space in the tiniest bathroom and will not date with changing trends.  Colour is easily added with towels, accessories and a splash of paint which can be updated every few years for a new look.

Accessorise! Make use of vibrant accessories such as mirrors, shelves  and rails to create a distinctive look. Personal touches can be added to the room such as a picture, vase or elaborate bottles to create a dramatic effect.

Winter Warmers

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With the cold winter mornings now upon us many people are including heated towel warmers in their bathroom design.  With the inclusion of a power point in the right location, clients can add in a heated towel warmer at the time of their renovation or at a future date.  With many innovative designs now on the market, your choice in heated towel rail style can make a statement in your bathroom.

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