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https://atobtransfer.comFind answers to frequently asked questions about renovating bathrooms.

1. How do I know that the products I have chosen will fit?

Be assured we will finalise your selection, only after an onsite measure.  At this time we will recommend any variations necessary to achieve your goals within your space constraints.

2. How long will my renovation take?

Once you have paid your deposit you can just relax. We will do the run around placing orders and following up receipt of all goods selected from the respective suppliers.  This phase usually takes 2 – 4 weeks. Rest assured that we will not commence until all your goods are ready for installation. Once we begin your renovation will normally be completed within 10 working days.

3. Do I have to choose items from your website?

Absolutely not!  We have recommended a selection, but not exhaustive, of products whose manufacturers we have found to be both reliable and committed to a high level of customer service.

The first step is to consider our Providence, Luxury and Aspire concepts.  Let us know which one you think will achieve your goals and any special needs that you have.  We will then send you some web links for some alternate products for your consideration.  We can also arrange a time to meet with you in a bathroom showroom to finalise your selection.

If you have already selected products,free spins no deposit uk just send us your detailed quotation.  We will confirm suitability and availability of the items you have chosen and then work from there.

4. Do I have to deal with the tradesmen?

No you don’t!  Your project manager is your single point of contact.  If you have any special requests or concerns just speak to him.  By the time any tradespeople arrive, we will have finalised what work needs to be done to install your selected design.  We have an organized team of trade specialists and will fully coordinate all the work.  At all times we will keep you informed of how the work is progressing and our anticipated completion time.

5. Do I need to supply anything extra?

Your quotation will clearly list all products that we will be installing.  We provide all materials such as sand and cement and all plumbing fittings and pipe that will be required for the installation.

6. Do I need to get my bathroom ready for the renovation?

Once you decide to go ahead, give your cleaner the month off.  Our tradesmen will arrive with the required specialized equipment and will remove all tiles and fixtures within hours.  Before they arrive we ask that you remove all personal effects from the room, and any items which you wish to save or recycle such as mirrors or blinds.

7. My laundry is adjacent to the bathroom, can you do that too?

Yes, many clients do both areas at the same time and we are happy to coordinate the laundry area with your bathroom selection.  Most of the tapware displayed have pieces suitable for laundry situations.  While we are measuring for your bathroom, we can assess your laundry at the same time.

8. I would like to buy from your recommended range, but I don’t need installation.  Can I just order the fixtures from you?

Yes, just request purchase only in the comments, and we will contact you to discuss delivery.